Inspections/ Repairs

Many buyers forget that the price isn’t the only or the last negotiation point in a real estate purchase. There are a number of contingencies and processes that happen before closing, and one that frequently causes deals to evaporate is the inspection and repair negotiation process.

The inspectors will inspect the home, take pictures, and provide documentation on what was discovered.  Below are some of the items they will be inspecting:

  • Structure/Foundation

  • Roof/ Attics

  • Mechanical equipment

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Gutters/ Drainage

  • Porches/  Decks

  • Walls, Floors, Ceiling

  • HVAC (Air Conditioning, Heating

  • Water Heater

  • Built in Appliances   

  • Termite/ Pest Inspection- Done by a Pest Inspector

  • Mold & other environmental hazards- Only if visible  ( a special inspector would be needed to check for Defective Drywall or Mold)

  • Wells & water quality- A separate inspector would need to inspect if anything comes up on home inspection

  • Septic systems- This is a separate inspection, almost always the septic tank will have to be pumped to be inspected

  • Swimming Pools- Some inspectors include this in the home inspection and others require a separate pool specialist to come out.



While your deal may not include all of them, and some may be combined and provided by a single inspector, it’s my job to help you to order the proper inspections, schedule them, and make sure that they’re completed on time.


Failure to complete inspections and object to their results by deadline dates can result in the buyer’s inability to take any action based on the late results. I make sure that this doesn’t happen. 

Once an inspection is completed, there can be issues uncovered that you weren’t expecting and want to have addressed by the seller. This is a second negotiation in the contract process. I go over inspection results with my buyers and prepare documents that are required to request seller action and corrections. Sellers do not normally have an obligation to undertake corrective action, so it becomes a critical negotiation, especially if the problems are significant. 

I'm here for my buyers to assist in these negotiations as, next to selling price, inspections and subsequent repairs are the biggest killer of real estate deals. Sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your home deal moving.  

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